Glavni partner:

Stijin Colon, Rotor Collective

As part of the Rotor team, Stijn plays a pivotal role in shaping their designs, curating compelling exhibitions, crafting insightful publications, conducting groundbreaking research, and contributing to educational projects. His dedication to advancing sustainable architecture has led him to co-author a forthcoming book on the salvage architecture of Marcel Raymaekers, which sheds light on postwar Belgium's architectural heritage.

His commitment to promoting sustainable design extends beyond Rotor. Since 2020, he has been sharing his knowledge and expertise as a respected architecture lecturer at KUL, the University of Leuven, inspiring and educating the next generation of architects.

Rotor Collective actively fosters a crucial dialogue on #resources, #waste, and obsolescence. Through their extensive research, thought-provoking exhibitions, enlightening conferences, and insightful publications, Rotor has become a leading voice in advocating for a more sustainable and circular approach to design and construction.

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