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Let us introduce NEKOLIKO a vibrant architectural firm headquartered in Zagreb. This dynamic team consists of six exceptionally talented young architects: Luka Šen, Mario Peko, Martin Mertz, Dora Lončarić, Hrvoje Arbanas, and Mario Kralj, who will take the stage as the keynote speaker at our upcoming conference. NEKOLIKO seamlessly combines their collective expertise, experience, and fresh perspective to deliver innovative architectural solutions.

From designing public buildings and social infrastructure to shaping public spaces and crafting private investments and interiors, NEKOLIKO excels in all dimensions of architecture. They have honed their skills for years and officially established their collaborative platform in the autumn of 2022.

They have earned recognition for their dedication to excellence through several awards, actively participate in architectural competitions whenever the opportunity arises, and their passion for innovation fuels their commitment to delivering outstanding projects that shape our built environment.

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