Glavni partner:

Ante Borovina, SPEGRA d.o.o.

Ante Borovina, EMBA, a site engineer at SPEGRA d.o.o. Ante pursued his academic path in Civil Engineering in Rijeka, where he completed his undergraduate studies. His research on "Concrete Strength and Deformation Testing" showcased his commitment to exploring the intricacies of materials.

Continuing his academic journey, he pursued a major in Materials at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb in 2017. In 2019, he completed his studies, earning a diploma focused on "Examples of Rehabilitation of Existing Masonry Structures." His exceptional academic performance was acknowledged with the distinction of Magna cum laude upon completing his studies.

Ante's portfolio includes notable renovation projects that have garnered widespread acclaim, such as the Freedom Bridge, the Youth Bridge, the Sava Bridge, the Church of St. Francis, the Zagreb Cathedral, and even the removal of the 250-ton canopy on Vukovarska Street. His expertise in revitalizing and preserving historical structures is genuinely remarkable.

Notably, during the 2020 earthquake, SPEGRA demonstrated its dedication to the community by being the first to assist the city of Zagreb and the Croatian Army in repairing earthquake damage.

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